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Greenhouses: A Guide To Choosing The Right One

A backyard greenhouse is a wonderful option for garden lovers who would like to see their garden flourish 365 days of the year. The greenhouse provides a stable environment for plants all through the year. Not only can you use greenhouses to kickstart the growing season by planting squashes and tomatoes in greenhouses early and move them out when the climate is right. You can create a greenhouse that is just sufficient for your plants or go as elaborate as you can. This will depend on how much you plan to spend on the project and how elaborate you want it to be.

There are several types of greenhouses that you can choose to construct for yourself:

Attached Greenhouses: Attached greenhouses or otherwise known as Lean-To Greenhouses are made for those with space issues and limited budgets. This greenhouse uses one of the walls of the house as a support. The greenhouse is built around the supporting wall. Any free wall which may be a garage wall, or an unused shed may be used to construct the greenhouse. Depending on the space available, you can decide the shape and area of the greenhouse. There are a couple of advantages to this:

  • The existing solid structure (wall) can act as a heat retainer where it does the job of absorbing the heat during the day and the releasing it during the night.
  • With the range of options available these days, you can create a greenhouse patch as small as a 4*2 area as well. You can always to a bigger on if you have space and budget.

What you should consider:

  • Make sure you measure the area carefully so that the structure you are contemplating to build does not interfere with any of the additional features around the house.
  • If you have heating vents or flues which open in the area consider this before you decide as this may affect the functioning of your greenhouse.
  • You can always reduce the height if you believe that it will clash with any of the ridges or the windows on your structure.

Window-Mounted Greenhouses

Window-mounted greenhouses are the perfect to know if greenhouses are for you. They are smaller and economical as well. This makes them perfect if you live in a small space but would love to have a small garden to look out into.

  • These can be fitted outside of a window and can be made to fit any size of a window.
  • These structures typically fit a few shelves which may be arranged according to the plants you want to set up.
  • The greenhouse can be fitted in a way that you can approach and work in it from the outside or from the inside.
  • With about three or four shelves, they normally extend to about a foot away from the premise. This makes it ideal for small houses with limited outer areas.

Free-Standing Greenhouses

When you talk about greenhouses the picture that you imagine are generally free standing greenhouses. They are large and separate structures which are built in the available spaces around the home. The essential features:

  • They are generally large enough to fit several plants, big and small. Also, they can be big enough to hold your gardening supplies as well.
  • These greenhouses are generally more manageable as the temperature tends to be more stable as compared to smaller greenhouse boxes where the temperature fluctuations are greater.
  • These can be made as elaborate or as simple as you need. It will all depend on the budget you have.
  • Some simple free-standing greenhouses can be made by using plastic to cover the outside frame. This kind of a greenhouse is the simplest and the cheapest version of all greenhouses.
  • The maintenance of these greenhouses is a lot more challenging as the plastic sheets tend to wear off more quickly and need changing, cleaning more often. The seasonal changes and uncertain weather conditions take a toll on the covering.
  • The big advantage with these though is that because they are light-weight, they can retain heat well enough for your plants.

It does not matter what your budget or available space is, you can build a greenhouse around your home. There are several nurseries who can look at your space and advise you accordingly.